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In the Music section you can listen to selected tracks from Canabrism's albums, as well as some as-yet-unreleased works that you won't find anywhere else. Other non-musical Canabrism work can be found in the Writing and Gallery sections.

You can also visit the Canabrism album page to download free albums for instant aural gratification!

You can email Canabrism by clicking the floating blob on the Canabrism Information Page.

podcomplex records

More Canabrismal goodness can be had at the Podcomplex Records website, where you can buy albums from Canabrism and other Podcomplex artists, from Ireland and worldwide.

If you would like to browse the catalogue of artists available on Podcomplex Records, go to the Podcomplex Records Independent Music Shop - here you can buy CDs or mp3s, view track listings and cover art, and even listen to some sample tracks from selected artists.

If you are an independent musician or band, visit the Podcomplex Artist Platform to get a free account and upload your music to the OMS worldwide distribution network. There are over 6,000 artists already on our network, so it's a great way of finding new music as well as allowing other people to discover yours.
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Canabrism tracks can be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution license. Contact Canabrism to find out more.